Mansur Zakir: inheritor of Ashula and Yalla

我叫曼苏尔·杂克尔 乌孜别克族人

I’m Mansur Zakir, a member of the Uzbek ethnic group.


I’m a national-level inheritor of Ashula and Yalla, a national-level representative project of intangible cultural heritage.


Among our Uzbek cultural traditions of music and dance,


Ashula and Yalla are the most representative (songs).

埃希来(长篇叙事民歌)篇幅长 结构复杂 音域宽

Ashula is a long narrative folk song with a complex structure and a broad range of voices.


We mostly sing it at large gatherings, and we think deeply while listening to it.

也可以伴舞 节奏慢一点

We can also accompany the song with a slow dance.

叶来(短小民歌)篇幅比较小 曲调比较活泼欢快

Yalla is a kind of short folk songs with a lively melody.

它主要是在节令 婚礼等喜庆场合演唱跳舞

We mostly perform it on such festive occasions as wedding ceremonies.


Ashula and Yalla are complementary to each other.


Ashula represents the broad-mindedness of the Uzbek people.


Yalla expresses our love of life.


Together the two have enriched our lives,


and recorded the art and culture of our Uzbek ethnic group.


This intangible cultural heritage has become a cultural icon that distinguishes us from other ethnic groups.

[ Editor: Shi Ruoqi ]


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